The Government of Punjab decided to announce the NTS upcoming Latest Educators Jobs 2022. The Educators jobs that are coming in April 2023 will be through NTS.

In 2016, the Punjab government had advertised more than 76,000 jobs for Educators, which were organized by NTS.

But the National Testing Service NTS has many flaws. Therefore, PPSC is being given more priority in most of the government jobs.

PPSC exam has been made mandatory for most government posts.  Among them, PPSC is taking the test for jobs from grade 11 to 17.

The Punjab government is deciding to announce new Educator jobs in 2022. The Educators recruit from Grade 14 to 16 posts and the fear is that the upcoming educators jobs will be organized through PPSC.

According to recent information, the Punjab government has decided to recruit 38,000 new educators. The recruitment advertisement will be issued after the approval of CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi.

The NTS Upcoming Educators jobs advertisements will be published in the month of December.  Moreover, these jobs will be distributed throughout Punjab on a district basis.

Latest NTS Upcoming Educators Jobs 2023

Recruitment of PPSC Upcoming Educators Jobs in government schools of Punjab took place in 2016. Since 2016, the government has not announced Jobs for educators.

The Punjab Education Department had sent a report to the Punjab government on the shortage of teachers in the education sector.

According to the Education Department, there are more than 100,000 vacancies are empty for teachers in Punjab schools.

The Punjab government reviewed the report. It is being said that in the month of December, the Punjab government will issue an advertisement for the recruitment of educators through PPSC.

The Punjab government may recruit through NTS but NTS is a private organization.  Many Government agencies have lost faith in the NTS. Therefore, this time the Upcoming Educators jobs are likely to be through NTS.

If kids come to educators and teachers from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job easier. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job more important.

Which testing Service is Best? PPSC vs NTS for Educators Jobs 2022

Which testing Service is Best? PPSC vs NTS

If we differentiate between NTS and PPSC then PPSC is better. This is because of the policies of PPSC. Candidates do not face difficulties in PPSC.

In contrast, NTS policies have many shortcomings. Candidates face difficulties in the NTS test. People don’t like NTS because of flaws in NTS.

Another drawback of NTS is that sometimes the paper leaks prematurely. Therefore, government agencies prefer PPSC over NTS.

If we talk about exams, the NTS test is easier than PPSC. The NTS exam can be passed without preparation. But it is difficult to pass the PPSC exam without preparation.

NTS has 5 marks for interviews but in contrast, PPSC has 100 marks for interviews.

NTS fee is less than PPSC which is a good thing for candidates.

If you look at both the testing services, there are some features in NTS but most of the features are in the PPSC testing service.  Based on this, government agencies prefer PPSC.

Educators Jobs Policy 2023 through NTS

According to the new policy of upcoming educators, recruitment of educators will now be done through PPSC.  But all previous educators were recruited from NTS.

The recruitment advertisement for 38,000 posts of educators is likely to be released in the month of December.

The advertisement for the recruitment of educators will be issued after the approval of the Punjab Government.

According to the new policy of upcoming educators Jobs, the job exam will be taken by PPSC and the paper will be of 100 marks.

Graduate and master candidates will be eligible for the recruitment of new upcoming educators.

DVM, B.COM, BBA, MBA, and engineers will not be eligible in the new educator Jobs 2020-21.

In 2016, candidates with the above degrees awarded were eligible in educator jobs. But now PPSC has declared such candidates not eligible.

The new PPSC upcoming educators jobs will be district wise and not in the whole of Punjab. Therefore, there will be male and female quota in each district.

PPSC Upcoming Educators Jobs Post names

The PPSC Upcoming Educators Jobs Detail is given below.

ESE ArtsBS-14
ESE ScienceBS-14
SESE ArtsBS-15
SESE ScienceBS-15
SSE ArtsBS-16
SSE ScienceBS-16

Qualification and Experience for Upcoming NTS Educators Jobs 2023

Qualification and Experience for Upcoming Educator Jobs 2021

The announcement of 38000 new educator posts will be published in April 2023. The posts of educators will be divided district wise.  Grade 14 to 16 teachers will be recruited for the posts.

The minimum qualification to apply for a Grade 14 position is BA or B.Sc.  Must have B.ed Degree.

The minimum qualification for applying for a Grade 15 position will also be BA or MA. Must have a B.Ed degree.

Candidates must have 16 years of education for a Grade 16 teacher.  This means that candidates with a master’s degree and B.Ed degree can apply.

Why B.ed is necessary for Upcoming Educators Jobs 2023 through NTS

B.Ed, also known as Professional Degree means teaching practice is a must for educators. The 2016 policy included 5 marks for B.Ed. But B.Ed will be compulsory in educator jobs coming in 2022 but there is no confirmation whether the educators coming this time will have B.Ed marks or not.

But B.Ed is a must for educators.  The importance of B.Ed can be gauged from the fact that candidates recruited as educators in 2016 were given a period of three years to complete B.Ed.

Teachers who do not complete B.ed in three years will not be regularized and may be fired.

How to Prepare Upcoming Educators Jobs test through NTS

How to Prepare Upcoming Educator Jobs 2020-21

Educator Jobs job advertisement is expected to be released in April 2023.  Educators will be recruited through PPSC.

NTS will also test the upcoming jobs of educators. The NTS will also issue syllabuses along with job advertisements for educators.

Always follow the syllabus to prepare for any test and the PPSC paper will also be according to the syllabus.

PPSC will conduct an MCQs test on Monday for the recruitment of educators.  Which will be 100 marks.

There are many books in the market for the preparation of educator jobs. Books for the preparation of PPSC are being published under the name of ONE PAPER MCQS GUIDE which are the best books for the upcoming jobs of educators.

Candidates can buy any publisher’s book of their choice but we recommend Imtiaz Shahid’s book Because Imtiaz Shahid’s books are the best for PPSC and FPSC test preparation.

Dogger Publishers has also published a book, PPSC ONE PAPER MCQS Guide. If you like Doggers books, you can buy Dogger Brothers books.

Subject related questions are also asked in the field of education. For that read Matric and Intermediate books to prepare questions related to the subject.  You will be well prepared for there.

How to apply for Upcoming educators jobs 2022 through NTS

How to apply for Upcoming educator jobs 2021 through PPSC

An advertisement for the upcoming jobs of educators will be available on the PPSC website in the month of December.  Educators will have the option to apply on the PPSC website after the job advertisement is published.

To apply to educators or any job, you must first visit the PPSC website.  You have to go to the online application portion on the website.


As soon as you go to the online portion of PPSC. So there you will see the names of the posts. The post you want to apply “Click” on that post.

After clicking, you will see the policies on the next page. These policies will be regarding the number of changes that are given below.

  • For all posts to be filled through written tests, followed by interview or interview alone, the number of chances shall be restricted to 03, in case the candidate who fails in written tests/interview thrice for a specific post.
  • The number of chances for Competitive Examinations shall remain 03 and there shall be no change for Competitive Examination, including Combined Competitive Examination.
  • There shall be no limit of chances where recruitment is being made through one paper written test followed by interview or interview alone if a candidate obtains qualifying marks (40% marks) in the written test irrespective of the fact that whether he/she is called for interview or not and if he/she obtains qualifying marks (50% marks) in interview irrespective of the fact that whether he/she is recommended or not. (For example: if a candidate qualified the written test with 40% qualifying marks and called for an interview, but he/she could not obtain qualifying marks (50%) in the interview, his / her chance will be considered as availed.)
  • If a candidate who is an applicant for more than one subject he/she shall be allowed 3 chances in each subject for which he/she is a candidate, in accordance with laid down policy.  For example, for the post of Lecturer in Education Department, a candidate who is an applicant for more than one subject shall be allowed three chances in each subject for which he/she is a candidate in accordance with the above laid down policy.

After reading the policies you have to click on “I read and understand“.

Information about the position, qualification, and age limit for the job you want to apply for will be given on that page.

At the end of this page, there will be an option of the Fill Form. You have to click on it.  As soon as you click, the Chalan Form and Instruction page will open in front of you.


On this page, you will have the option of the Chalan Form at the top. You have to download the Chalan Form from there.  After downloading, you have to print out the challan form and deposit the fee in any bank given on the challan form.

The fee for the challan form of PPSC is Rs.600 but if 2 papers are examined then the challan form fee will be higher.

Remember to keep a copy of the invoice form. And you have to upload the photo of the challan form in the online application as well.


After downloading the invoice form, you have to click on Apply Online.

You will be told some information.  You have to read that information carefully.  After reading the instruction, click on the Apply Online button.

On the next page, you have to write a CNIC number and your personal phone number.  There will be an email option on the page.  On the next page, you will be asked for the date of birth and some information.  After filling this page, you have to upload a photo of yourself on the next page, remember that the size of the photo should not exceed 25 kb and the photo file is in jpg.

After uploading the photo, you have to upload the photo of the ID Card on the same page.  On the next page, you have to upload the photo of the Chalan Form that you have submitted to any bank in Pakistan and also fill in the options given below.


Details will be given on the next page from Matric to Master or as far as Qualification is required.  After giving the Academic Details, you will have the option of the Submit Application form. You have to click on Submit Application.

As soon as you submit the online application form to your Gmail which you gave in the first step, all your details will come.  These will include your name, ID Card number, token number, and application fad number.


After submitting the application form, there will be an option of a Print application form at the bottom.  By clicking on it you will be able to print your application form.  You may have to go to the Print Application Form option to print the application form if there is an issue with your internet.  After going there you will have to write your CNIC Number, Application Form Number, and Token Number. All these things will come to your email.

You must have an Admission Letter for the PPSC Test.  For Admission Letter you have to go to the PPSC website there there will be a Print Admission Letter option.  After visiting this page you have to enter your CNIC Number.  As soon as you enter your CNIC Number, you will receive an Admission Letter.

Print out the admission letter and this letter must be taken on the day of the examination otherwise you will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

The application procedure will be used in PPSC Upcoming Educators Jobs 2020, 2022.


The Punjab government has decided to recruit 38,000 new educators in 2022 through PPSC. The Upcoming Educators Jobs 2022 will be announced in the month of February 2022. The Qualification for Upcoming Educators Jobs 2022 will be Graduation to a Master’s Degree. B.ed is necessary for PPSC Educators Jobs 2022.

For the Preparation of PPSC upcoming Educators Jobs 2022exam, you need to buy One Paper MCQs Book from any Publisher, which may be Imtiaz Shahid, Dogar Brother, or Caravan Publishers.

On this page, we also explained the PPSC Online APPLY method of any Job of PPSC. We hope you will like our info about PPSC Upcoming Educators Jobs 2022.

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